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Since 1988, the Canadian Association of Clerks-at-the-Table and the Canadian Study of Parliament Group (CSPG) have arranged for federal, provincial and territorial Clerks to speak to students at Canadian universities about the role of Parliament and the Westminster model of government. The response to this initiative has been extremely positive. Both professors and students have told us about the value of having a practitioner in parliamentary procedure discuss the nature, role and function of Parliament.

We see this activity as a joint venture with the university concerned. The two sponsoring organizations provide a speaker, either a federal, provincial or territorial Clerk, and the university is responsible for organizing the event. Costs are covered by the federal or provincial legislatures with assistance from the sponsoring organizations if necessary.

The format for the presentation can vary from a special presentation to a number of students, to a lecture during regular class time or a seminar to graduate students or undergraduates with relevant majors. Our experience has been that most professors prefer to use scheduled class time and to invite others to attend.

Professors interested in this program are invited to provide details about the type of presentation and preferred timing on our online registration form pdf (19 kB, 1 page). Applications received by the end of September each year will receive priority consideration but requests received later in the academic year are also welcome and will be approved wherever possible.

We feel that this is an opportunity for students to gain a better appreciation of the dynamics of the parliamentary system at a crucial time in its evolution. We hope that professors and students will find our program beneficial. Contact the CSPG for more details.

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