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Our Mission

Founded in 1978, the Canadian Study of Parliament Group (CSPG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that brings together parliamentary experts, academics, and public servants with an interest in the role, function and reform of parliamentary institutions.

As set out in our constitution, the CSPG organizes and undertakes various events and research publications that foster discussion and enhance knowledge of parliamentary government. The CSPG organizes conferences, seminars and speaking tours on parliamentary affairs, prepares articles and publications on parliamentary issues, and sponsors related educational activities.

Who We Are

Our foundation is built upon a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors that manages the CSPG. Its operations are supported by the financial and voluntary contributions of its members, the House of Commons, the Senate and the Library of Parliament.

CSPG membership is open to anyone with an interest in Parliament, parliamentary institutions and parliamentary affairs. Our membership presently includes parliamentarians, teachers, professors, students, parliamentary staff, parliamentary and government relations specialists, and interested citizens.

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